Month: January 2022

February Landscape Tips

Now is the best time to trim large limbs and branches on trees and shrubs. Cut out all dead wood and crossing branches, then thin out some of the branches…

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Garden Center Shopping

Various bird baths at Johnson Nursery (Cookeville, TN) Part of my job entails looking for different materials, plants and objects for our projects. I thought it would be nice to…

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January Landscape Tips

January Paper Bark Maple Begin planning the new years’ annual bed and vegetable garden. If you have procrastinated on planting your fall bulbs, you still have time. The ideal time…

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January 2022 Snow Pictures!

‘Mohave’ Pyracantha The new year has been a joy to take some time from the landscape job sites to visit the botanical gardens to get some snow pics! Pyracantha is…

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January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter. Click here

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