May Landscape Tips

Loropetalum ‘Crimson Fire’ with a yellow barberry in the background.

Now is a great time to prune back and over grown loropetalum plants. They can be cut back to the ground to reemerge for a fresh start.

Rosemary and lavender should be cut back and shaped now as well.

April 14 is the AVERAGE last frost date in Knoxville, but there can be cold snaps as late as mid-May. Remember to cover tender new foliage in the event of a late frost.

Hydrangeas: Hydrangea paniculata or panicle hydrangeas should be pruned now before the bloom in July. They bloom on new growth. The big leaf or hydrangea macrophylla bloom on the last years wood or old wood. They should be pruned later in June after they bloom.

The end of May is the late suggested time for pruning azaleas, rhododendron and forsythia.

Apply pre-emergents to your landscape beds every 90 days. Water it in or apply before a rain for best results. Keep pets away from the freshly applied product for several days. Every weed that produces seed means more trouble next year. Don’t give in to the heat. Control weeds before they go to seed. Do not add weeds with mature seed heads to the compost pile. Many weed seeds can remain viable and germinate next year when the compost is used.

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