October Landscape Tips

Got leaves? Don’t be like Jake and wait unit it’s too late!

Get them rakes up before they get too thick! Before you have them hauled off site consider making a compost pile for future gardening soil! Leaves on the lawn can be chopped with a mulching mower and left in place (if not too deep) to build up the soil.

October is the driest month of the year in Tennessee. While temperature are not as intense as in the summer, plants can still dry out. Stay on top of watering.

Money Plant or Lunaria

Money plant or Lunaria is a biennial. The first year the plant is low growing foliage. The second year the plants bloom with clusters of lavender flowers in spring then form silver dollar like silvery white, flattened, disc-like seed pods. Collect seeds off any annuals and perennials you want to save for next year.

Before the first frost, dig up caladiums and shake off soil. Allow them to dry completely and store in a warm, dry place for the winter.

Be sure and have any irrigation winterized before the first frost. Drain all water hoses and unscrew them from the faucet.

After frost, prune back perennials for winter, apply some pre emergent weed control and add a thin layer of mulch.

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